We have over 40 years experience building some of the largest dairies in the world and know what works and what doesn’t. We have the experience and manpower to get your dream dairy built on time and in budget. Come talk with us about the possibilities!

Dairy Specialists is the largest builder of milking parlors in the Colorado region. When we build a new facility, we review your requirements, propose solutions, revise our proposals based on your feedback, then design and execute layouts that fit your existing parameters, within due diligence specifications.

We prefabricate much of the equipment in our shop to increase quality and speed installation. We have large crews and use sub-contractors we know can handle the job. Together we can make your milking parlor happen.

“In 1994 we had already begun construction of a conventional parlor when Randy started scratching lines in the dirt. He had the idea to put the milk lines and pulsation equipment under the parlor in a basement. This was the first subway-style parlor in the world.”

Foy and Cindy Chapin

Owners - Chapin Dairy

Bella Holsteins

Johnson Dairy

Johnson Dairy

Quail Ridge Dairy

Wildcat Dairy

Great Western Dairy