The FutureCow Teatscrubber Prep System lets you prep teats for milking in one easy step. Teatscrubber gently washes, disinfects, stimulates and dries teats in one easy, consistent process.

Reduce Labor Costs

    • Most operations can eliminate one full time position per shift
    • When labor cannot be reduced, farms see more cows milked per hour by current number of workers

Consistent & Efficient

    • Teat prep is streamlined into one step
    • Consistent cleaning from cow to cow
    • Eliminates one whole pass for workers
    • Brush speed is optimized
    • Unique disinfectant provides rapid kill of microorganisms

Better Brushes

    • Durable, yet soft to remove soil yet provide needed stimulation
    • Antimicrobial brushes eliminate possibility of bacterial growth between uses
    • Multi-layered teat-end brush accommodates any teat length
    • Most users see a reduction in hyperkeratosis, SCC, and mastitis