IT Services

Dairy Specialists is your source for on-farm camera surveillance, computer hardware, and dairy software needs.  Our team of experienced I.T. professionals takes pride in addressing and solving your technological needs.

Camera/Surveillance Systems

Dairy Specialists can help you with a camera system to monitor your operation for a variety of needs or opportunities.   Cameras have been installed at over 20 dairies across our region on all areas of the farm to address training, security on farm, worker’s compensation claims, calving, and much more.

Computer Hardware

Dairy Specialists will assist you in building the right computer hardware for your farm. From large-scale servers to small desktop computers, Dairy Specialists has the computer solution to meet your needs.

Dairy Specific Software

Dairy Specialists will support your dairy specific software installations and technical questions for GEA DairyPlan, VAS DairyComp305, BECO Parlor Scan, VES Phason Fan Controls, as well as others.

Other I.T. Needs?

At Dairy Specialists, we pride ourselves on being your reliable source for I.T. needs and delivering the customer service and solutions that our customers rely on and expect.  Give us a call at 970.330.1870 to discuss what Dairy Specialists can do for your I.T. environment.